Business + Covid-19 Pandemic 2020

When I decided to register the domain name on March 4, 2020, to begin this blog the “End of Normal,” it was never my intention to write about a new normal that included doing business during a global pandemic. I had just finished reading Seth Godin’s book “We Are All WeirdThe Rise of Tribes and the End of Normal,” and it struck a chord with me. It summarized many of my ideas when it came to marketing in modern times. Fast forward a month, and the world is a different place. Many non-essential businesses are mandated to close their doors, social distancing or physical distancing, as there are now calling it, is also mandatory. Governments are spending an unprecedented amount of money supporting their citizens and businesses, with loans and grants. So I will continue with my original intent, which is writing and sharing ideas that will help your business stand out and improve sales; this will include tools, resources and some personal observations.

The last thing this world needs right now is a doom and gloom blogger, so I choose not to be that person.